Final Hearing For LiveWire Nursery Minor Use Permit Confirmed By County of San Luis Obispo Planning Department

Anaheim, CA – December 20, 2018 – LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTC: LVVV), a company focused on special purpose real estate acquisitions and the licensing and management of fully compliant
“closed loop” turnkey facilities for the production of cannabis-based products and services in California, announced today that the County of San Luis Obispo Planning Department has confirmed a Hearing on January 18, 2018 as the final strep in the Company’s permit application process for a Minor Use Permit at its Paso Robles nursery. The Board will hear Livewire’s request for a Minor Use Permit to establish a 21,250sf indoor cannabis nursery facility on a 220 acre parcel.
The Company has already been issued a Cannabis Tax Permit under section 34014 of the California revenue and tax code for its Coachella property and has been granted a Statewide Distribution License from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.