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    StockWatchIndex (SWI) is presenting a very special opportunity  to our subscribers and the companies they run or support. SWI, together with its strategic partner Small Cap Nation (SCN) in New York, presents a limited time introductory offer for a media package, exposing public companies to a broader market of retail investors. SCN will produce on-air hosted video interviews live to tape with the company’s CEO or top management from its studios at the NASDAQ Market Site in Times Square or at the NYSE.

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    • 10 minute video interview from our studios at NASDAQ, NYSE or Reuters
    • 3 two to three minute Video News Releases
    • Distribution via
    • Analyst report and distribution by SWI
    Small Cap Nation™ is a New York based leading-edge financial media content production and distribution platform with a wide reach in the financial markets, domestically and internationally. SCN’s stellar news team, supported by an experienced and high pedigree management team and advisory board, broadcasts daily video news shows with the latest news for leading edge companies in the small cap sector from the NASDAQ market place in New York and the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in downtown San Francisco. ( Visibility through combined Distribution Power. This is the chance to provide enhanced visibility and credible exposure for your company, or the company you support, via the highest quality programming out there, taking advantage of the combined distribution reach of SWI and SCN. We encourage you to take a close look at SCN’s high quality programming at Creating Demand Genuine autonomy and credibility throughout SCN’s News programming and SWI’s Research Reports is expected to create third-party demand for the Company’s programming and thus even wider exposure from other financial news platforms such as Reuters, Bloomberg, domestically, and others such as, Financial Times (, and London South East, internationally.

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