Estrella River Farms Now Licensed and Credentialed Inside the California Track-and-Trace System

Paso Robles, CA, June 7, 2021 — LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. (OTC: LVVV), a company focused on acquiring, managing, and licensing special purpose real estate properties conducive to producing high-quality, handcrafted and organically grown cannabis products for medical and recreational adult-use in California, today announced that its affiliate Estrella River Farms is licensed and now also credentialed inside the State of California Track-and-Trace System.

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The California Cannabis Track-and-Trace (CCTT) system is being used statewide to record the inventory and movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the commercial cannabis supply chain. This system must be used by all annual and provisional cannabis licensees, including those with licenses for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail, distribution, testing labs, and micro businesses.

Hodson states: “Since Estrella River Farms has received approval for outdoor cannabis cultivation and has now also been credentialed for Track-and-Trace, it will begin to officially create the world’s first Estate Grown Weedery ™ for the cultivation of organically grown, hand-crafted cannabis on a family style farm on Estrella Ranch, once the final inspection by the County this week has been successfully concluded. Estrella Ranch was previously owned by the King of Morocco and later by the eldest grandson of William Randolph Hearst and is now considered the crown jewel of California cannabis properties, located in the heart of the Central Coast wine country – ideal for growing premium organic outdoor flower. The goal is for the crop and its branding to comply with, and be protected by, the CDFA’s Cannabis Appellations Program when their requirements are finalized.”

LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) specializes in identifying and monetizing current and future trends in the human and veterinary health and wellness industry. The Company is focused on acquiring, managing, and licensing special purpose cannabis real estate properties, associated permits, and intellectual properties conducive to producing high-quality handcrafted cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use in California. This includes the cultivation, licensing and creation of the high-quality “Estrella Weedery” brand and the state-wide distribution of these products throughout California. LiveWire Ergogenics does not produce, sell, or distribute products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substance Act. For more information, please visit:
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