MEDL Launches Hang W/ User Monetization

Hang W/ Launches User Monetization

Live Streaming Social Video Platform Initiates Advertising to Share Revenue With Users


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hang w/announced today that effective November, 3, 2014, the company has successfully launched advertising on the platform – and that the company will begin sharing advertising revenue directly with the app’s content creators.

Hang w/ is a live streaming video platform that allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live video – and it enables viewers to watch and engage via live chat from their iPhone, iPad, Android Device or via the web. Users follow other users who interest them, and the system sends a notification every time someone in a user’s “following” network goes live.

Broadcasts also stream live to Facebook and can be shared virally across Facebook and Twitter.

The platform is built atop a sophisticated and targeted advertising delivery system which displays video and rich media ad units before and after a percentage of broadcasts. Users of the platform are entitled to receive 25% of the advertising revenue generated by their own broadcasts. Certain celebrity and verified users can earn a higher percentage.

“We believe Hang w/ marks the beginning of a new era in social media,” said Andrew Maltin, CEO. “For too long, the creators of content have helped social technology platforms earn billion dollar valuations – while receiving nothing in exchange. Hang w/ aims to shift that balance so the individual people creating content and driving growth can share in the profits.”

“Hang w/ is becoming much more than a social media app, “added Dave Swartz, President and Chief Creative Officer. “It’s becoming a content creation and distribution platform. It’s also becoming an entertainment destination – with shows from household names and mega stars alongside shows from up and coming new artists and fascinating people from all walks of life. We believe the live streaming, interactive, one-to-many, advertiser sponsored reality show is what’s next. And it’s happening now on Hang w/.”

Users must be 18 or older and must be a U.S. Citizen to earn revenue from advertising on Hang w/. However, Hang w/ plans to roll out monetization for Europe and other markets shortly.

Users who wish to earn revenue can download the app at and can enable their account for paid monetization by clicking the Monetization tab in the “More” section of the app.

Users who would like to learn tips and techniques to build their following can download the Pro Tips document at

About Hang w/

The Hang w/ app connects people through live-streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to dozens, hundreds or even millions of viewers around the globe.

Hang w/ was incubated by MEDL Mobile, Inc., a mobile industry pioneer that has architected, created, developed, marketed and monetized hundreds of mobile apps and driven more than 22 million downloads. MEDL Mobile is the majority shareholder of Hang With, Inc.

The Hang w/ platform has attracted hundreds of actors, athletes, musicians and brands including 50 Cent, Ali Landry, Cheech and Chong, Claudia Jordan, Jamie Kennedy, Jared Leto, Kaskade, Larry the Cable Guy, Lucy Hale, Mike Metzger, Soulja Boy, Tony Orlando, Terrell Owens, The UFC and Ultimate Poker.

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