NeoStem Registered Trials Phase I Through Phase III Development

Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets Report

by Kalorama Information
There are more than 4,000 research projects underway for stem cell therapies throughout the world. Only about a dozen companies worldwide are currently evaluating stem cell therapies in late stage clinical trials. NeoStem is one of the companies in this advanced stage of development. Other companies discussed in this report include those which have also registered trials in Phase I through Phase III development. 
Kalorama Information’s Stem Cell Therapeutics Markets conducts in-depth research into the stem cell market opportunity by assessing current technology performance, new developments, pricing trends and government positions on the topic. A combination approach – using both a bottom-up model and comparing data with a top-down analysis – was used to determine market size and market forecasts. Over the next several years, as researchers introduce a growing variety of technologies, products and services based upon stem cells, revenues related to stem cell therapies will increase dramatically.

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Important Note
Information for this “Registered Trial” report was gathered by the third party research firm Kalorama Information, using both primary and secondary research. Primary research methods include telephone interviews and email correspondence with company representatives, researchers and physicians; secondary sources include comprehensive research of company reports and literature, government documents and databases, research journals and reports and general medical and business journals. Forecast dollar figures represent the estimated global market and are expressed in current dollars. Forecasts are provided through 2025. The size of each market segment refers to manufacturers’ revenues. 

About NeoStem, Inc.
NeoStem is a biopharmaceutical company pursuing the preservation and enhancement of human health globally through the development of novel cell based personalized medicine therapeutics that prevent, treat or cure disease by repairing and replacing damaged or aged tissue, cells and organs and restoring their normal function. The combination of a rich therapeutics pipeline and externally recognized in-house manufacturing expertise has created an organization with unique capabilities for cost effective and accelerated product development.         

Note: We have initiated coverage on NeoStem (NASDAQ(NBS), a leading edge cell therapy bio-tech company. We have taken a position in the stock for the SWI services and portfolio. In our opinion the stock is currently dramatically undervalued. Please go to for more detail.

Rainer Poertner
StockWatchIndex, LLC
Chief Analyst