Private to Public

Going Public

StockWatchIndex (SWI) specializes in advising companies in the process of going public at a fraction of the cost of traditional IPOs, provides after public market maintenance and general corporate consulting services for business development. SWI’s affiliated and accredited auditing firms and securities attorneys complete all appropriate filings and transactions for the “Going Public” process and assure that all rules and regulations are being strictly adhered to. The teams of SWI have successfully completed this process multiple times and have decades of combined experience in founding, running and keeping companies in compliance with SEC rules and regulations.


Well ConnectedSWI and its strategic partners are experienced in reverse mergers, investor and media relations and and assists in corporate development with a very personal touch. The formation of capital for early-growth stage companies, domestic and international, is one of its core businesses.  SWI’s long-term relations with investment bankers and private equity investors allow it to quickly position its clients in front of the right investors, bankers, decision makers, market makers and opinion makers of the financial world. SWI has a track record of taking your private company public.

Private to Public

Expansion Capital – Post Market Exposure

After the public company commences with trading, the combined teams of SWI and its affiliates assist in the preparation for raising expansion capital and the creation of post-public exposure to the financial markets and media to create share value. Post public exposure is typically the most neglected part of taking a company public, especially when conducted by large and expensive investment banking firms.SWI Services for private companies intending to go public include:
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Business Plans
  • Due Diligence
  • Assistance in Reg. “D” Offerings
  • Assisting in Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Assisting in Reverse Mergers
  • Voluntary Registration Filings
  • Form 211 (15c211) Filings
  • AMEX/NASD Correspondence
  • Broker Dealer Introductions and Sponsorships
  • Investment Banking Relationships