SWI Picks Tesla to Potentially Double During Next Year

Can Tesla Double during the next 12 Months?

We have been following Tesla now for nearly two years and we have a nice position of Tesla in our StockWatchIndex (SWI)  Portfolio. 

Tesla Chart 8.1.14

The SWI offices are not far from the TESLA headquarters in Fremont,  California and based on our insights and research over the last two years , we believe that Tesla is bound to go even higher and potentially double within the next 12 months.


1. In one of the worst 2 weeks in the market for the last 2.5 weeks, Tesla stock has steadily increased
2. There is a large short position (stock is well disliked)
3.The Company has excellent earnings
4. Tesla expansion into China

All compelling reasons for the stock to increase nicely over these next 12 months.

and,…..which car would you rather drive, any GM automobile, or a TESLA ?

Rainer Poertner
SWI Editor