SWI Research Publishes Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc. Research Report Update

Diego Establishes Diego Pellicer Management Company to expand Business Model

Carlsbad, California – November 28, 2018 – SWI Research today has published a follow-up Research Report on Diego Pellicer Worldwide (OTCQB:DPWW). Diego Pellicer has significantly expanded its business model allowing the company to expedite its revenue generation adding to the roughly $1.1 Million in revenue it has generated during the last nine (9) months.
Diego Pellicer Worldwide (Diego) was originally established as a real estate development company focused on building the world’s first all encompassing “premium marijuana brand” operation in the cannabis industry. Diego Worldwide has been acquiring, designing, building and leasing custom facilities for the cultivation and/or retail of both high-quality cannabis and non-cannabis products, but is not growing, selling or distributing cannabis, where it would be illegal.
By forming a new wholly owned subsidiary, Diego Pellicer Management Company (DPMC) that takes on an expanded role in the Company’s rollouts of new locations and operational strategies, the company is now departing on an accelerated path to fully execute its highly scalable business model and accelerate revenue generation. This new strategy, positions DPWW for quick expansion into 29 additional states that have legalized some form of marijuana use.
The Diego model has now evolved from a purely lease-based landlord business into a national marketing, and branding, licensing and management/equity model with three sources of revenue generation.
1.  Real Estate Acquisitions and Leasing
2.   Management and Branding
3.  Equity Positions
A significant advantage of this model is the ability to rapidly expand to new markets, establishing upscale company stores supported by the deep experience of the Diego design, branding and management team and generate rapidly increasing revenues.
Diego is currently trading under  a temporary symbol DPWW.D
and will return to its original symbol DPWW soon.