TESLA’s iPhone Moment – $7.5 Billion in a Day

Los Angeles, April 2, 2016 Did you ever compare Elon Musk to Steve Jobs? Maybe you were not far off. Lines for the new Tesla 3 Model went around the block yesterday, as if it was the newest and long awaited  iPhone. Elon’s Twitter message tells the whole story. Not much more to say. Elon Musk  ✔‎@elonmusk Model 3 orders at 180,000 in 24 hours. Selling price w avg option mix prob $42k, so ~$7.5B in a day. Future of electric cars looking bright! 9:11 AM – 1 Apr 2016 Elon Musk  ✔‎@elonmusk Thought it would slow way down today, but Model 3 order count is now at 198k. Recommend ordering soon, as the wait time is growing rapidly. 10:23 AM – 1 Apr 2016