The Tesla Model Y could be the best-selling...

December 29, 2022

The Tesla Model Y could be the best-selling vehicle of 2023, according to an analysis from Recurrent Auto.

 ByWilliam JohnsonPosted on December 27, 2022TCNNF


Recurrent Auto, an automotive market analysis and retail software company, has released a complete set of predictions for the automotive industry in 2023. Most notably, Recurrent CEO Scott Case predicts that the Tesla Model Y will be the best-selling vehicle of next year.


Recurrent isn’t completely unfounded in believing the Tesla Model Y could achieve amazing results in the coming year. The Model Y has achieved amazing sales stats around the world already in 2022, most notably becoming the second most popular EV sold in China in November. If the vehicle can maintain this success going into the new year, it could be a defining moment for the American automaker.



Sadly it isn’t all good news for Tesla. While Mr. Case predicts that Tesla’s production numbers will continue to grow along with its sales volume, Recurrent also predicts that Tesla’s market share will also dip below 40% for the first time since 2017. According to Mr. Case, this market share will likely be lost to the growing number of competitors in the market.


Ford is another anticipated winner in the EV market next year. The Recurrent CEO believes that, now that the Blue Oval has witnessed the incredible demand for the electric vehicles they produce, it will continue to ramp production at an ever-increasing pace and will finally be able to meet the demand for its hot new F-150 Lightning. Further, Recurrent estimates that the F-150 Lightning will surpass the Ford Mustang Mach-E in sales next year.


More generally, Recurrent anticipates that many manufacturers will benefit from rapid growth in demand for fleet orders in the coming year. While some buyers, Amazon and Hertz in particular, have already begun to place enormous orders for EVs to replace their ICE vehicle fleets, more and more companies will join them in the coming year.


Along with the rapid growth of new electric vehicle sales, the Recurrent CEO anticipates growth in the used vehicle market. Specifically, he sees two things happening to used electric vehicles; demand for them will grow, and the need for battery health monitoring websites will increase. Sadly, Recurrent doesn’t anticipate that used EV prices will decrease significantly.


Overall, these combined factors will push the EV adoption rate ever higher in the United States, though Mr. Case was careful not to note a specific number.


But with the market becoming ever more competitive in the new year, how will automakers differentiate their products? The CEO notes two focal points: charging speed and poor weather performance. As the two weak points of electric vehicles currently, these are the two areas that the CEO sees will be the competitive ground where brands compete. Especially, as he notes, many automakers have begun to hit a ceiling regarding battery technology and the range they can provide.


2023 will likely be an exciting year for the electric vehicles space. Along with exciting new technology, it could quickly bring countless new customers and a new culture of acceptance of the technology here in America. Here’s to hoping that progress is as strong as Mr. Case believes it will be.


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