• California cannabis banking bill moves closer to governor’s desk
      https://paper.li/StockWatchIndex/1535740858#/ CHASE DIFELICIANTONIO NORTH BAY BUSINESS JOURNAL | July 9, 2019, 4:43PM A California bill that would create a separate category for banks and credit unions to handle cannabis cash moved through an Assembly committee Tuesday, inching closer to the governor’s desk after having already received the Senate’s stamp of approval. Of the 19 members […]
    • Small Cap Biotech Stocks See Boost From Large Cap M&A
         June 18, 2019 By A. Lawrence   Cancer has been a problem plaguing society for at least half a century. However, the fight to defeat cancer has picked up steam in the 21st century. More and more companies are making it their missions to develop treatments for many forms of cancer. From penny stocks to large-cap stocks, […]
    • Never Mind the Trade Wars—Look to Emerging Markets
      Posted: 06/07/2019 by Fidelity Viewpoints For long-term investors, volatility matters less than emerging markets’ future prospects. Key Takeaways Trade wars have raised investors’ concerns about emerging markets (EM), but many EMs still represent attractive long-term investment opportunities. Emerging markets’ recent growth has been fueled by commodity exports but their future growth will be fueled by […]
    • A new term for low THC medicine is ‘cannabis light’ and it is seriously biting into Big Pharma profits.
      There is a reason why Big Pharma is nervous about the spread of medicinal cannabis, and it’s not because they’re worried about potential health risks. More people than ever (in modern times) are turning to cannabis as a medical treatment, and moving away from conventional medications. Big Pharma companies know that when medicinal cannabis is available, […]
    • European Parliament Passes Cannabis Resolution, Joins WHO In Supporting Medical Marijuana
      Following reports about the World Health Organization (WHO) recommending a rescheduling of cannabis and several of its key components under international drug treaties, the European Parliament voted on Wednesday on a resolution that would help advance medical cannabis in the countries that form the European Union. While non-binding, the resolution seeks to incentivize European nations to increase access to medical marijuana, […]