Adaptive Ad Systems Announces record Revenue for 4th...

February 8, 2021


VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON.  February 8, 2021.  Adaptive Ad Systems, Inc. (OTC:AATV), announced today that the Company achieved record revenue exceeding $5.71 Million in the 4th quarter 2020, significantly surpassing any fourth quarter in its history.

Adaptive and its subsidiary companies provide Dynamic Digital Ad Insertion (DDAI) via its streaming media hardware and proprietary processing software for all U.S. cable TV markets, and High Speed Fixed Wireless Internet Service (WISP) via a network of Hybrid Access Points and Micro POPs   

Compared to the Company’s remarkable fourth quarter of 2020, the Company’s largest revenue for any fourth quarter throughout the Company’s history was about $2.74 million in 2018.  Revenue recorded for the fourth quarter of 2020 exceeded $5.71 million, for an increase of more than double from that prior largest quarter.

The Company has already reported record revenue for each of the months of August and September of 2020, which resulted in the largest third quarter 2020 revenue ever, only to be surpassed again with the largest revenue for any months of October, November, and December.

Mr. Heil states: “Advertisement buys increased substantially in the second half of 2020 and we are particularly pleased with our very successful fourth quarter. We are now looking forward to an exciting 2021 with continued business developments, including the successful conclusion of ongoing discussions and contracts with dozens of cable TV systems that are interested in our services. We anticipate that these systems will be added to the Adaptive Media national network during this year. To facilitate this expansion, we continue to develop and improve our hardware and software technology, as well as our sales team development, all of which propels us further into the digital ad market and grows our national advertising footprint. Consequently, we expect to continue increasing comparative revenue, with improved operational efficiencies adding to our profitability.”

Adaptive allows advertisers across the US to purchase ads that are inserted into a linked group of the Adaptive digital TV advertising system. Adaptive Ad Systems manages all ad-related activities, provides all technical support, ad-sales, traffic, and billing. Adaptive has established an innovative revenue share agreement with each individual cable television system.

Adaptive Ad Systems Inc. is a digital media and video communications company that together with its subsidiary manufactures, develops and deploys dynamic digital ad insertion (DDAI) and video streaming media hardware and proprietary processing software for the Cable TV, Satellite TV, and IPTV markets. Adaptive’s primary focus is the 2nd and 3rd tier US markets.  Adaptive exclusively sells all available advertising space in each market across multiple national cable television networks, while maintaining complete technology ownership. Adaptive has implemented a unique profit-sharing model with its cable TV partners. The Company serves over 200 designated marketing areas in approximately 39 states. Adaptive also provides broadband and cable TV services in some niche markets. For additional information, please visit:

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