Adaptive Ad Systems Completes Construction of advanced “Cue-Tone” Technology Facility in Phoenix

Facility Exceeds 98% Effectiveness in inserting Advertising Content

Vancouver, Wash. July 2, 2019. Adaptive Ad Systems, Inc. (OTC:AATV), a company that provides Dynamic Digital Ad Insertion (DDAI) via its streaming media hardware and proprietary processing software for the U.S. cable TV and Satellite markets, today announced that it has completed the construction of its advanced “Cue-Tone” technology facility in Phoenix.

This new and technologically advanced facility will provide all AATV systems with reliable ad insertion “Digital Cue Tones.” Cue Tones are electronic signals sent to Cable TV Systems and other video providers, “cuing” them to insert specific advertisements into the Adaptive video ad network.

Michael Heil, Company CEO, states: “Due to the company’s reliable remote Cue Tone signals delivered from our state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, we are able to exceed 98% efficiency in inserting video advertising content into all cable TV networks. In addition to providing proprietary ad insertion technology as a complete turnkey solution to our customers , we also act as the ad sales agent for the selling of time allotted by television channels to cable/video providers.”

Mr. Heil further continues: “There are a substantial number of small underserved markets that have been overlooked and can benefit from our advanced ad insertion services and unique profit-sharing business model. Our continued commitment to advancing the technological development in this industry and establish new and innovative business models, allows us to deliver services more effectively and more economically than our competition. The proprietary technology we develop and deploy, continues to drive our revenue growth, profitability and expand our market position.”


Adaptive allows advertisers across the US to purchase ads that will be inserted into a linked group of the Adaptive digital TV advertising System, adding many times the impressions of the small individual systems. Adaptive Ad Systems manages all ad-related activities, provides all technical support, sales, scheduling and billing, and has established an innovative revenue share agreement with each individual system, in proportion to its number of subscribers.


Adaptive Ad Systems Inc. is a digital media and video communications Company that together with its subsidiary manufactures, develops and deploys dynamic digital ad insertion (DDAI) and video streaming media hardware and proprietary processing software for the Cable TV, Satellite and IPTV markets. Adaptive’s primary focus is the 2nd  and 3rd US markets. Its digital ad insertion technology and unique profit-sharing model overcomes the barriers that typically prevent the insertion of National and Local cable TV advertising on major cable TV Networks. Adaptive exclusively sells all available advertising space in each market it has contracted, while maintaining complete technology ownership. Adaptive has implemented a unique and advantageous profit-sharing model with its Cable TV Partners. The Company’s technology and business model allows to dynamically and economically serve currently over 200 designated marketing areas in approximately 34 states in the United States. Adaptive also provides broadband and cable TV services in some niche markets. For additional information, please visit:


Michael Heil, CEO
4400 NE 77th Avenue, Suite 275
Vancouver, Washington 98662