Adaptive Broadband Remains More Competitive Than Largest Competitors

December 29, 2020

AATV Subsidiary Places No Caps on Broadband Usage

VANCOUVER, WASH. December 29, 2020. In response to media market news regarding broadband caps that will be imposed by Comcast on its subscribers starting January 1, 2021, Adaptive Ad Systems, Inc. (OTC:AATV), announced today  that its subsidiary, Adaptive Broadband (ABB), does not and will not place broadband usage caps on its residential customers in 2021.

Adaptive Broadband is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (“WISP”) that provides High Speed Fixed Wireless Broadband to residences and small businesses and has established itself as experts in serving small metro and rural areas.  Currently operating in select areas of Oregon covering approximately 500 square miles, ABB offers competitive internet speeds with reliable symmetrical upload and download speeds, no contracts, no data limits, and no installation charges, all at competitive prices.

In a recent news article on December 24th, reported “Starting Jan. 1, Comcast will  impose an extra charge for using too much data on its existing customers, a hike that has become an annual holiday tradition for some of the biggest cable companies,” and added “the Philadelphia based cable and broadband giant is imposing a 1.2-terabyte data cap  in all 39 states where it operates.”

Michael Heil, Adaptive Ad Systems CEO, explains “Industry experts agree that 2020 has catapulted households into early adoption of “work from home” and “educate from home” capabilities and as a consequence drastically increasing the broadband capacity required for nearly every household. Regardless of how much hardware a user purchases, however, the amount of broadband capacity available to that home can radically alter the user’s employment or education experience. These expensive surcharges imposed for exceeding contract limits will limit access or affordability of these crucial services.” 

As reported in the Fox Business article, “Streaming Netflix’s popular show ‘The Crown’ in 4K resolution takes up an estimated seven gigabytes an hour and 280 gigabytes for the entire season, or over a fourth of a terabyte, according to Larson. Meanwhile, a Zoom call can cost one-and-a-half gigabytes an hour. For two kids taking online classes eight hours a day every week for school tacks on an additional 192 gigabytes each month.”


A month early, on November 25th, Rachel Lerman of the Washington Post reported on the impending changes at Comcast, stating “ Comcast said this week it would start charging more for heavy users of home Internet in the Northeast, sparking complaints from some customers as the global pandemic keeps life online Home Internet usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic as more people work from home and attend classes online, not to mention spend hours and hours streaming TV and games”


Mr. Heil continues “Most Americans, families and small companies, are hurting deeply because of the pandemic, which has radically altered family income, employment requirements, and access to education and entertainment.  Our Adaptive business model remains strong enough to continue our services at existing rates without usage caps, or price increases.  Consequently, despite being a broadband business competing with a very large competitor, we will not follow Comcast in imposing broadband caps in 2021. We wish all our customers a very happy and prosperous new year in 2021.”


Adaptive allows advertisers across the US to purchase ads that are inserted into a linked group of the Adaptive digital TV advertising System, adding many times the impressions of the small individual systems. Adaptive Ad Systems manages all ad-related activities, provides all technical support, sales, scheduling, and billing, and has established an innovative revenue share agreement with each individual system, in proportion to its number of subscribers.  


Adaptive Ad Systems Inc. is a digital media and video communications Company that together with its subsidiary manufactures, develops and deploys dynamic digital ad insertion (DDAI) and video streaming media hardware and proprietary processing software for the Cable TV, Satellite, and IPT markets. Adaptive’s primary focus is the 2nd  and 3rd US markets. Its digital ad insertion technology and unique profit-sharing model overcomes the barriers that typically prevent the insertion of National and Local cable TV advertising on major cable TV Networks. Adaptive exclusively sells all available advertising space in each market it has contracted, while maintaining complete technology ownership. Adaptive has implemented a unique and advantageous profit-sharing model with its Cable TV Partners. The Company’s technology and business model allows to dynamically and economically serve currently over 200 designated marketing areas in approximately 34 states in the United States. Adaptive also provides broadband and cable TV services in some niche markets. For additional information, please visit:


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