Is Tesla going to make a Cybertruck SUV?

December 29, 2022

Is Tesla going to make a Cybertruck SUV?


As Tesla prepares to bring the Cybertruck electric pickup truck to production, we explore the potential for the automaker to make a Cybertruck SUV with a third row and up to nine seats.

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s entry into the still-young but increasingly popular electric pickup truck market.



The pickup truck will be the automaker’s focus for a while, but it might be worth exploring Tesla using the platform to make other vehicles.

Tesla has always launched SUV versions on new vehicle platforms, like Model X following Model S and Model Y following Model 3.

Some electric pickup truck makers have done the same with their pickups, like Rivian launching the R1S SUV based on its Rivian R1T electric pickup truck.

Therefore, it’s not impossible that Tesla would eventually go a similar way and look to make an SUV version of the Cybertruck.

Scott Stewart from SAAW put together a few renders imagining what the Tesla Cybertruck could look like as an SUV and shared them with Electrek:


Now the obvious change over the pickup version is that you give up the functionality of the bed for a bigger interior cabin, and ideally, you use that extra cabin space for a third row.

There are not many electric vehicle options with a third row. Tesla offers some of them, but it starts around at least $115,000 for the Model X, and as for the Model Y, the size of the third row is pretty laughable.


A Tesla Cybertruck SUV could potentially have up to nine seats thanks to the deployable middle seat in the front row and how you handle the third row. And based on the Cybertruck platform, it could potentially be offered at a much cheaper price point than the Model X – making it an interesting new entry in the all-electric vehicles with third rows’ market.

Here’s what the third row of a Tesla Cybertruck SUV could look like:



It could become an interesting option for people with big families and also for commercial purposes like taxi services.

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I feel that a CyberSUV offshoot would likely be a very good seller and possibly even surpass the “Truck” if made available at a respectable price point. If the seats could fold down or be removed for larger cargo moving then it would make for a well rounded multi-use platform.


If a Tesla Cybertruck SUV is in the cards, it isn’t likely to come until Tesla has ramped up production of the Cybertruck pickup truck to high volumes, which isn’t likely to happen before deep into 2024 or even 2025.

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