American Battery Technology: Preparing For A Tsunami Of...

March 27, 2023

American Battery Technology: Preparing For A Tsunami Of Demand

Mar. 24, 2023 12:20 PM ETAmerican Battery Technology Company (ABML)LICY25 Comments

ABML is one of seven smaller companies planning to recycle batteries from BEVs in the US. I think it is going to be a huge industry.

Lithium batteries contain rare and expensive metals in short supply, especially in the US; this will offer a market for recyclers to sell their products for high prices.

Three possible technical routes exist, and all will likely be successful. ABML might be the lowest cost highest quality operator and the best investment.



The tsunami of demand

The growth in BEV sales looks almost exponential and shows little sign of slowing. Although China leads the way, all other countries are following, and the IEA reports the following figures in the US.


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Battery recycling companies (Author database output)






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ABML Balance sheet (SEC filings)


ABML and LICY cash runway

Share price performance and Cash Runway (Author Database)