Apple And Tesla, Together At Last

Apple And Tesla, Together At Last

Tesla drivers may soon be revving their engines with their iPhones.

In an intriguing collaboration between two of the valley’s sexiest companies, Tesla is reportedly updating the Model S firmware to allow drivers to start and drive their vehicles with their iPhones, according to screen shots published by tech blog 9to5Mac. Though the images do not reveal precisely how the new system will work, it is clear that drivers will no longer need to rummage for their keys. The feature may be rolled out when Apple introduces its new iOS 8 system later this fall, the blog reported.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk paid a visit to Apple last year, triggering rumors of an acquisition that were later debunked. Now, bloggers may have finally figured out what the tech darlings had in store.

Musk has promised to deliver big improvements to the Model S operating system, including voice-controlled song selection and enhanced suspension control.

The update follows a stream of hires from by Tesla. In recent months, Tesla has recruited Mac Hardware Vice President Doug Field, Director of Manufacturing Technology Rich Heley and security researcher Kristin Paget, according to 9to5Mac.

Tesla drivers may soon be able to start their cars with their iPhones. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty)