Apple’s Giant iPhone – Fastest iPhone Yet

Apple’s Giant 5.5-Inch iPhone Could Be Its Fastest iPhone Yet

Business Insider 

A concept showing how large Apple’s “iPhablet” could be

Apple’s rumored 5.5-inch iPhone may not be just the biggest iPhone to date — it could also be the fastest.

Cowen & Co. analyst Tim Arcuri wrote in his most recent note to investors that the larger iPhone will probably feature a more powerful processor than the 4.7-inch model, as Apple Insider first reported.

Arcuri is said to have recieved this information from sources within Apple’s supply chain in Asia.  These sources reportedly said the larger iPhone’s processor will be more powerful than that of the smaller version, but didn’t elaborate on specifics.

This could mean that Apple may release two versions of its upcoming A8 chip, which will presumably power the company’s next iPhones and iPads

Nearly one year ago in September, The Korea Economic Daily said processor orders for Apple’s A8 chip would be split between Samsung and Taiwanese semiconductor producer TSMC. This would make sense if Apple is indeed creating more than one version of its next mobile chip, but more recent rumors debunked that claim, as Apple Insider also notes. 

It’s unclear exactly when and if Apple plans to release its much-rumored 5.5-inch iPhone. Initial rumors suggested it would be unveiled alongside the purported 4.7-inch flagship iPhone in September, but newer reports have hinted that production could be delayed.