Bion Environmental Technologies – A Game Changer in a $100 Billion Clean Water Market

Bion Environmental Technologies Game Changer in a $100 Billion Clean Water Market

Logo   Marina del Rey, CA – June 28, 2016 – SWI today has initiated coverage on Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. (BNET) publishing the first research report on the company. Bion has developed patent pending technology for the cost-effective, direct treatment of livestock waste, while it is still concentrated and before it contaminates air, soil, aquifers and downstream waters. The Bion technology platform can provide tremendous savings in the ever escalating clean water costs, as well as dramatically reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Bion’s treatment solutions are a combination of biological, mechanical, and thermal processes that are proven in commercial operations and have been accepted by EPA, USDA and other regulatory agencies. Bion’s core biological processes are protected by seven U.S. patents, with two pending, and six international patents, with applications pending in the EU, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. Two years ago, Bion began filing patents on its third generation of technology. There is no other known cost-effective technology that provides Bion’s level of treatment of wet livestock waste.  These patents represents a substantial part of the company’s future market value. While still a development company, Bion is ahead of its competition and we believe that the economic viability of Bion’s projects will be even further improved when the 3G technology platform it has developed can be utilized.

Bion Research Report