Dalrada Energy Services Signs Agreement with AKF Group for Clean Energy Efficiency Building Projects

April 25, 2023

Dalrada Energy Services Signs Agreement with AKF Group for Clean Energy Efficiency Building Projects with an Estimated Value of More than $10 Million Annually


The Strategic Alliance will facilitate new ESG Initiatives and accelerate clean Energy Transformation for DES Clients.



SAN DIEGO, CA – APRIL 25, 2023Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”), a problem-solving innovator that takes on complex, multi-disciplinary global challenges in clean energy, precision manufacturing, and technology, today announced that its energy division, Dalrada Energy Services (DES), has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with AKF Group (AKF).


The preferred agreement forms a unique partnership between two global clean energy leaders and calls for both entities to utilize each other as preferred providers of various sustainability products and services used in building modernization projects. With the agreement, AKF will be reselling Dalrada’s high-efficiency heat pumps to their client base―worth an estimated $10 million-plus annually.


The synergistic relationship expands both companies’ capabilities and capacity for production design and the construction and refurbishing of buildings specifically tailored to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals that deliver modern energy transformation for businesses and organizations worldwide.


This new partnership will add hundreds of highly skilled engineers to the DES workforce and facilitate the deployment of more than 500 unique resources to serve large clients with multiple sites.


With a focus on advanced clean energy technology, AKF will provide technical support and engineering as well as project development of Dalrada’s high-efficiency heat pumps and cryogenic chillers that support electrification and worldwide Net Zero carbon goals.


The partnership with AKF is a natural fit, according to Tom Giles, President of Dalrada Energy Services. “By reaching this agreement, we now have a robust partnership that will provide next-generation clean energy services to our clients.” He continued, “Working with AKF Group will accelerate our efforts in the clean energy space and allow us to deliver enhanced offerings in a world that desperately needs an energy overhaul.”


Along with the agreement, DES will have an unrestricted license to provide AKF’s engineering services to its clients and allow the licensing of AKF engineering services into DES client contracts. AKF will provide regulatory expertise for public sector projects and deliver all design and architectural services required for any DES project.


DES will lead with AKF Group’s engineering services for all projects while providing oversight and project management for joint projects, including the oversight and development of infrastructure and the development of technology to support ESG projects. DES will also provide its patent-pending revenue share model for ESG and mechanicals sales.


Together, DES and AKF will provide ESG-compliant building engineering, design, and commissioning services with innovative clean energy-focused products and services that produce significant cost savings for their clients.


About Dalrada Energy Services

Dalrada Energy Services (DES) works with public and private sector organizations across the globe to improve access to modern energy solutions. The specialized division achieves this by providing all services, including infrastructure development and financial monitoring, and creating and measuring carbon credits at little to no cost to its clients. Dalrada Energy Services shares the savings its clients achieve by removing the barriers of significant capital investments to implement ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) solutions. To learn more, visit www.dalradaenergy.com.


About AKF

AKF is a New York-based, client-focused engineering company committed to design leadership that helps imagine, create, and optimize the built environment. This is achieved by understanding clients’ businesses industries and how their facilities contribute to their successes. The company provides core MEP/FP engineering and a suite of integrated services under a single point of contact. These coordinated, in-house services streamline projects and reduce costs by limiting sub-consultants while improving project communication. The vast scope of AKF’s integrated services allows for a commitment to client projects from concept through construction to ongoing optimization. AKF Energy + Performance is driven by the desire to connect high-performance engineering with insights gained from real-world improvements in existing building performance. The company believes that lessons learned from today’s building operations must inform tomorrow’s building designs and inspire the optimization of today’s buildings. To learn more, visit www.akfgroup.com.


About Dalrada Financial Corporation

Dalrada Financial Corporation (Dalrada) is a progressive organization that drives innovation to impact people, businesses, and the planet positively. The company owns and operates a global group of clean energy, precision manufacturing, technology, and professional service companies. Each of these companies has a clearly defined mandate to identify, address, and deliver solutions to unique economic, environmental, and efficiency problems facing public, government, and private sector organizations. Dalrada responds by developing advanced technologies, products, and services with a clear and quantifiable value, generating a significant return on investment for its clients. Dalrada companies are on the leading edge of developing and applying innovative eco-sensitive next-generation science, engineering, and technology, serving a broad range of industries and governments. The company’s products and services significantly reduce energy costs and remove barriers for its clients, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for us all.


Dalrada’s subsidiaries and strategic partners operate in the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and India and are centrally managed from the company’s San Diego, CA headquarters. For more information, please visit www.dalrada.com, and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.



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