LiveWire Ergogenics Appoints Jeff Halloran to Advisory Board to Accelerate Interaction between the Canadian and California Cannabis Markets

Anaheim, CA – May 8, 2018 – LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc (OTC:LVVV), a company focused on special purpose real estate acquisitions and the licensing and management of fully compliant turnkey production facilities for cannabis-based products, announced today that Mr. Jeffrey Halloran, a highly-recognized financial and technology industry leader, has joined LiveWire’s new Advisory Board.
Jeff, a resident of Toronto, Canada, will advise the Company on issues relating to the potential interactions between the US and Canadian cannabis and financial markets. He is the first appointment to the Board, which LiveWire plans to expand with members who will be able to provide substantial additional business experience and strategic advice to the Company.
Jeff is an accomplished senior management executive with over 35 years of experience. He has founded and held top positions in large financial and technology firms and has an outstanding record of achievement managing multi-million and billion-dollar programs. Jeff will use his standing in the Canadian markets to provide Livewire with research and advice for potential acquisitions and strategic alliance targets in the burgeoning Canadian cannabis markets. He will also work with the Company’s Analyst to increase market awareness of LiveWire in the Canadian financial markets and demonstrate the opportunity for Canadian companies to enter the US market via strategic alliances with LiveWire.
“Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge that will be especially important as LiveWire expands into its next phase of development,” states Bill Hodson, CEO of LiveWire Ergogenics. “His experience with leading privately held and publicly traded companies, and as the CEO of a US and Canada-based investment firm, combined with his considerable expertise in the financial and cannabis markets, will be invaluable as we accelerate the implementation of our future projects. We are looking forward to having Jeff assist us in gaining exposure in the exceptionally fast-growing Canadian cannabis market, which is fueled by very favorable legislative support, and provide Canadian companies with an opportunity to enter the US market by strategically aligning with LiveWire, taking advantage of our established position in the US cannabis and financial markets.”
Having graduated with Honors in Business Administration from St. Clair College in Canada, Jeff has spent most of his career in leading management and consulting positions gathering extensive knowledge in strategic business analysis and information management theories. He is the Managing Director of Avalon Capital, a small-cap boutique investment bank, Halloran Investment, LLC, based out of both Florida in the U.S. and Toronto, Canada, and the Chairman and/or CEO of several companies owned by MT Dynamics, which is owned by the Halloran Family Trust. Earlier in his career Jeff was retained by the Bank of Canada to design and implement their mobile initiative and architect a wireless enterprise framework for the bank. As a Consulting Manager he was recruited by Oracle Corporation to establish this multi-billion-dollar organization’s consulting practice in Canada, and eventually was placed on the design team for Oracle Financials and their CASE tool and Methodology.
Jeff also heads up the Executive Committee for the Willow Breast Cancer Support Organization and has sat on the Board of several other public, private and non-profit boards, including The Council on Drug Abuse (CODA) and the Trafalgar Castle School Board of Governors in Toronto, Ontario.
Jeff is recognized as a facilitator who uses a results-focused approach to program execution, which has proven exceptionally successful for him. He has created and led high-performing coalitions with visionary goals and successful organizational processes that are rooted in the highest ethical standards. Jeff has raised substantial amounts of capital and succeeded in getting companies listed on NASDAQ and the Canadian stock exchanges.
“I am excited to join the LiveWire Team,” says Jeff, “and assist with the rapid evolution of this company and in the development and implementation of its aspiring business model. Providing access to the burgeoning Canadian cannabis market, interacting with the Canadian investment community that specializes in investments in this market and assisting the expansion of Canadian cannabis firms into the US will be my main objectives. I have had the pleasure of working with many outstanding companies and find LiveWire to be a company that is well managed and that has already made significant progress in establishing itself as a potential and credible leader in the sector; a company with which I share mutual values of quality, responsible conduct and purpose.”
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