Los Angeles, CA, April 17, 2018 – LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTC: LVVV), a company focused on the acquisition and licensing of special purpose real estate properties and management of legal, fully-controlled and self-contained turnkey production facilities for cannabis-based products and services receives extended coverage by three third party technical analysis services.

If you have followed our news, you have a good understanding about the progress at LiveWire. The Company has met several crucial development mile stones and continues to aggressively implement its business plan for 2018, further manifesting its position in the burgeoning California cannabis market.
As you know, we have added Livewire to our SWI Portfolio and are frequently reporting on the Company’s progress. Today, we though it would be helpful to provide you with three important reports that provide technical analysis on LiveWire trading patterns, an unbiased third party opinion. Without any further comment:
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About LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc.
LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) specializes in identifying and monetizing current and future trends in the health and wellness industry. The Company is focused on acquiring and licensing specialized turnkey cannabis real estate locations and establishing research partnerships to explore the application of cannabinoid-based products to target specific ailments or conditions with large “sufferer” populations for human and veterinarian applications. This includes the cloning of cannabis strains to produce positive medicinal results, dosing verification of zero pesticide products for quality brands via its “7X Pure” Cannabis Dosing and Verification System, and development and licensing of high-quality cannabinoid-based products and services. The team at LiveWire Ergogenics has a passion for research and is committed to generating and implementing innovative ideas and producing high-quality products that satisfy an increasing demand in this fast-growing industry.
EquiNet, LLC
Toll free: 877-964-6463
Direct: 858-264-6500
1600 North Kraemer Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806

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We initiated coverage of LiveWire Ergogenics on August 16, 2017