StockWatchIndex announced today that it has added Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTCQB:CPWR) to its long-term SWI Portfolio. StockWatchIndex adds only prospects to its Portfolio that it has researched extensively and expects to be producing significant returns over an extended period of time. Additions are typically held long to allow reaching optimal price performance. SWI Research has released an analyst report on Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation on November 30, 2017.

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTCQB: CPWR) or OTE is a project developer for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plants that generate renewable energy without the use of fossil-fuels. #fossilfuelfreeenergy#fossilfuelfree . Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, after six years of significant investment into OTEC research, the development of proprietary trade secret technology, and the assembling of an exceptional management, engineering, and consulting team, is now positioned to accelerate the implementation of its OTEC technology for projects in the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and with a major U.S. Defense contractor and will be able to meet many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals..


OTEC’s Time Has Come
OTEC technological advancements, primarily driven by other industries, including aerospace, power plants, petroleum and geothermal companies, are sending a strong signal that OTEC’s time has come. The innovations in materials science and the explosion in the computer and digital industries allowing for true visualizations of ocean floors have produced stronger, lighter, more durable materials that allow larger, more efficient pipes to produce better scales of effectiveness. Interestingly, many of these technological advancements were brought about by the oil industry – a strong sign of things to come.
About OTEC and SWAC
OTEC plants generate renewable energy by “harvesting” the heat in ocean water and using that heat to warm liquids with a low boiling point (such as ammonia) so that vapor is produced. The vapor turns a turbine and generates electricity. Cold water then condenses the vapor, and the closed loop cycle continues. Supporting the efforts for more sustainable living in developing nations around the world, OTE’s OTEC and SWAC technologies drastically reduce the output of carbon emissions and produce renewable energy without the use of fossil fuels. This translates to slowing down climate change and cleaning up our atmosphere for a healthier planet for all.
About Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation
OTE is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company that designs and develops deep-water hydrothermal clean-energy systems which produce fossil-fuel free electricity through Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), and environmentally friendly cooling through Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) without the use of fossil fuels. An important part of the technology is the production of large amounts of water for drinking, aquaculture, agriculture, and economic development. OTE’s technology is ideally suited to tropical and subtropical regions of the world — where about 3 billion people live. It utilizes the natural temperature differential in oceans to generate base-load, 24/7, clean, non-polluting electricity, as well as alternative, energy-efficient cooling systems and fresh water, the latter of which is essential for the entire world, particularly developing communities. For additional information regarding OTE, please visit the OTE’s website at
Safe Harbor Statement
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