Seven Months in the Life of LiveWire ...

August 28, 2021

Promises Made and Delivered  – A Story of Commitment and Passion

LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. (OTC: LVVV) focuses on acquiring, managing, and licensing special purpose real estate properties conducive to producing high-quality, handcrafted, and organically grown cannabis products for medical and recreational use in California.

It is simple; LiveWire delivers what it promises. This document provides an insight into the promises made and delivered in a selection of short videos and Tweets tracking the daily progress made by its affiliate company Estrella River Farms at Estrella Ranch.

This timeline compliments the expert construction and cultivation team at the “Estrella Weedery™,” who is deeply passionate about their craft. They have done a superb job, working 24-7 to get this one-of-a-kind high-quality operation up and running faster than expected and providing the opportunity to meet the achievable goal to deliver two harvests by the end of this year. Construction on the second acre for cultivation has already begun, doubling the current capacity once completed by the end of Q1/ 2022.Take your time and follow the entire Timeline below 

Take your time and follow the entire Timeline below 

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Seven Months in the Life of LiveWire and Estrella River Farma

A Nearly Complete Timeline of Goals Met