TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE:TRW)

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (TRW Automotive) is a supplier of automotive systems, modules and components to global automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and related after markets. The Company’s operations encompass the design, manufacture and sale of active and passive safety related products. Active safety related products principally refer to vehicle dynamic controls (braking and steering), and passive safety related products refer to occupant restraints (airbags and seat belts) and safety electronics (electronic control units and crash and occupant weight sensors). It operates its business along four segments: Chassis Systems, Occupant Safety Systems, Electronics and Automotive Components. TRW’s Cognitive Safety Systems help keep people safer by making vehicles smarter. By combining our active and passive technology with our electronics and sensing capabilities, we create intelligent systems that help enhance the safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers. TRW’s Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems are based on camera or radar sensors monitoring the road ahead. They provide object recognition and detect relative speeds between a vehicle and objects in the road. If the closing speed represents a risk of an impending collision, drivers can be alerted through a number of warning methods. CAMERA-BASED FORWARD COLLISION WARNING
The camerabased FCW system uses a forward-looking monocular camera with object recognition, mounted on the windscreen behind the rearview mirror. This is linked to a warning device. The camera-based system can also support Lane Departure Warning functionality. RADAR-BASED FORWARD COLLISION WARNING
The radar-based FCW system consists of a 24GHz medium-range radar sensor. The radar sensor is mounted at the vehicle front and linked to a warning device. Radar technology provides high performance with direct measurement of distance and relative speed, operating under all-weather conditions TRW’s integrated technology warns the driver, actively assists to help avoid danger and intervenes to lessen the impact of an accident or helps to avoid one altogether. This integration is also key to the future of enhanced vehicle control, car-to-car, car-to-infrastructure and occupant/pedestrian protection developments. TRW is a leading developer and innovator in the rapidly growing field of Driver Assist Systems (DAS). These camera- and radar-based technologies assist drivers by providing information and acting on environmental data at the front, side and rear of vehicles to help warn drivers of impending danger. They can also provide intuitive cues or actions such as braking and steering inputs to help “coach” the driver to stay in lane or offer convenience functions like Adaptive Cruise Control. One of the prime examples of active/passive safety integration already available is the integration of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with TRW’s Active Control Retractor (ACR) seat belt system. Once a potentially dangerous situation is sensed, the ACR is activated for limited or full restraint depending on the situation. ACTIVE CONTROL RETRACTOR
The ACR allows reversible belt retraction in critical situations. It can be activated using data from active safety systems, such as Electronic Stability Control or Brake Assist systems. It can also be triggered by data from environmental sensors, such as radar that provides the relative speed and distance to the vehicles ahead. ENHANCING OCCUPANT SAFETY
One more step regarding the increase of occupant safety by system integration is the integration of the ACR with TRW´s Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). As the ACR can be activated prior to an automatic brake actuation, the efficiency of belt pretensioning increases. As part of the integrative project related to GPS-based safety, TRW is working on an integration of advanced belt systems like the Active Control Retractor 2 (ACR2) and the Active Buckle Lifter (ABL), featuring global navigation satellite systems and enhanced road maps. While current ACR2 and ABL functions for dynamic support make use of vehicle dynamics data and, therefore, react when the vehicle already is in a curve, the integration of GPS and map information allows a foresighted and curve-predictive control of these functions. The results are earlier and gentler belt system activation, maintained belt support in curve combinations and additional position-adapted comfort features. TRW is primarily a “Tier 1” supplier, with approximately 86% of our end-customer sales in 2012 made to major OEMs. Of TRW’s 2012 sales, approximately 43% were in Europe, 36% were in North America, 17% were in Asia, and 4% were in the rest of the world.

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