SWI Portfolio Outperforms Again

Los Angeles – May 29, 2018. The StockWatchIndex Portfolio is continuing its solid performance for the first five months of 2018. For the 20th consecutive time it has shown a significant improvement in the reporting period. The portfolio increased by 6% in one month, outperforming the Dow Jones (0.4%) by 5.6% for the same period and for a total increase of 269% since inception.

Five Months Total Return   —  S&P -4.5% – SWI +38%
Three Year Total Return   —     S&P 26% – SWI 269%


LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc (OTC:LVVV) was not only our most unusual pick for 2017, since we typically do not cover “triple-zero” penny stocks, but has turned into our current top performer. We believed then and are even more confident now that LVVV will be the exception to the typical penny stock performance. LiveWire is a well managed company with good experience in the sector and an innovative business plan that should set it apart from the competition.
We initiated coverage of LVV on August 6, 2017 at a share price of $0.0007. Since then LVVV’s share price has reached $0.06 at close of trading on May 25, 2018, trading as high as $0.08 on May 9. 2018. The stock showed a healthy trading pattern with a tight “spread” and a strong average volume of
8 Million shares per day during the first five months of 2018, no unusual spikes or dips, just organic growth. We will keep you appraised of the company’s developments as it continues to implement its plans and expand its position. We are planning to release an update Research Report soon.