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  • Unplugged Performance of Tesla Model S

    Originally published on Gas2. The Tesla Model S has made it. You can tell, because – in addition to selling like plug-in hotcakes – the wealthiest and most discerning buyers of Elon’s electric luxury car have begun to turn to the automotive…

  • Tesla Stock Closes Just Under $200

    The price of Tesla Motors stock closed at just under $200 per share yesterday, and briefly went above $200 during day trading. So how long will Tesla stock prices continue to rise? Tesla shares closed at $199.63, and posted a daily high of $202.72.

  • Tesla boosts sales despite safety issues

    Electric car upstart Tesla brushed off a new safety issue Tuesday as it turned in fourth quarter sales numbers that underscored its dominance of the US electric car market. Tesla founder Elon Musk said that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…