Tesla Megafactory spotted with over 80 Megapack batteries...

February 16, 2023

Tesla’s Megafactory is the electric vehicle maker’s dedicated production plant for the Megapack, its flagship energy product designed for grid use. The Megapack is a breakthrough product for Tesla, costing about $2.1 million per 3.9 MWh unit. 


The product seems widely popular, as the Megapack’s online configurator lists its estimated delivery time at Q4 2024 for orders placed today. This suggests that the backlog for Megapack orders is massive, and there is more than enough demand for the grid-scale battery. 


Considering the apparent demand for the Megapack, it would be incredibly important for Tesla to ensure that it can ramp up the production of the battery as quickly as possible. If recent observations from the Tesla community are any indication, this definitely appears to be the case, as the Megafactory was recently sighted with over 80 Megapack units in its yard.